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About me.
About Me.
All stories are posted at saccharine_days 
The only post that I lock are daily rants and personal life.
This is a simple introduction of knowing me more. 
(Last updated : 18/08/2012)

My hobbies are story writing, taking photos, making videos and editing pictures.
Most of the time I am OVERLY crazy over yaoi.
And yes, even if is two random guys having moment I will still scream like a fangirl.
I have to say, the craziness over yaoi is far beyond what you might expect.
But I still like guys despite the fact that I am crazy over Yaoi.
And the language I normally use are Chinese and English.
Well, I am better at Chinese actually :)

I started falling in love with Kpop since 2009.
And my twin sister pulled me into becoming a SHAWOLS.
My all time favourite is SHINee!
I do like other bands/singer/actor in kpop :)
Ever since then, I started writing and reading SHINee yaoi stories.
I used to be bias towards Onew but not any longer.
The reason is because my bias is now towards pairings !
Well, I am fine with every pairing but bias over 2min (Taemin/Minho) ♥ and Jongkey (Jonghyun/Key)
I read almost every pairings, but not shinee/OC or shinee/me.
Sorry to say, but I just have the mindset that it is impossible to know them real life or even be with them.
So no point reading that, BUT I read shinee/OC(boy).
I love HunHan (Sehun/Luhan) ~

I do watch anime like Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Kuroshitsuji.
My favourite pairings are 1827(Hibari X Tsuna) and 5927(Yamamoto X Gokudera) and Sebestian/Ciel.
The first yaoi fanfic I ever wrote is about Hibari and Tsuna :)
If you are interested in reading, feel free to approach me.

My twins and I have created a community name silent_creation
We do dump our own creations there, so do check it out.
I have a YouTube account name happiyoyo2 and happiyoyo3.
You can see the list of fanfics I write checking out my Master Fanfic List.
I joined asianfanfics but livejournal has my latest update :)
And also, a tumblr account name happy-yoyo.

Do think twice before adding me or even accepting me >.<
Due the fact that I may write random rants and of course post some Kpop related videos.
This might result in flooding of your friends' page.

Thanks for reading :)

The livejournal layout is done by Fruitstyle designs.

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Hello Yoyo(:
I'm Celina^^
I like your personality. xD

oh HI ! *waves*
Really?? Thanks ;D
Nice to meet you ~
Thanks for adding me !!

Oh snap, I know.
ahaha, late reply
but whatevers. (:

gawd hi!!
I'm mayu (not real name), and I'm from Singapore, too! Taking 'o''s, too! ;D (i share this account with my friend from NJ, so hope you won't get confused XD)
I'm so glad to find a fellow singaporean who likes yaoi ;w; seems like we're living in this sucky homo-barrel country....or its just my area's weird.

Anyhow, I speak english, chinese, japanese and broken french!

你好!!!!*waves waves*
WOW !!! that is such a concidence :)
YUP !!! I am totally obsessed with yaoi <3 seriously ~
Well yeah, there are even laws against them...
I can't really find real life examples of yaoi >.<
But I do feel lucky to have my friends knowing my obsession and did not avoid me :)
I ADD YOU !!! xD kekeke
很高兴认识你!!! ;D

XDD I fee like i like you it have to do with your awesome jongyu fics XDD
I'm roxa from the other side of the world XDD
I love to read and write fics too XDD and my fav pairing is jongyu with tofuho
well sincerely everything it have to do with onew in it XDDD
my first language is Spanish XDD my english is horrible but i still try XDD
i added you XDD

Edited at 2010-09-04 07:03 pm (UTC)

AWW REALLY -give a big hug-
I think you are cool xD hahaha
woah ~ another side of the world ~ haha
I have never travel so far >///<
I guess you are a onew bias?? hahah xD
NAH...I find that your english is really good !!! compared to mine
Passing english has always been a really difficult task T.T

I'm Sasha, from Indonesia, i've read most of your fanfics and i love them all!
My bias is 2MIN too! Hehe...
I'm actually more of a reader so i don't write fanfic, i made an LJ account to get to know a lot of awesome writers (like you), hehe...
And sometimes i'm using it for my personal purpose.
(but it's new so you'll find nothing much on my page, haha...)
I don't mind you flooding my friend's page, so i'm gonna add you!
That's okay, right? Hehe...

OH HI !!
really? wow thanks alot <3
I see ~ enjoy yourself in livejournal !!!
You can always try writing whenever you feel ready ~
I still remember the time when I got addicted to fanfics ;D good times
thats great ;D haha

Another 2min shipper XD
we are 2min shipper, is it okay if i add you? i love friends XD

Hello fellow 2min shipper :)
I just realised I am older than you O.O
Anyway ~ Yup of course you can !!
I love making friends too !

Told you I was adding you!
You're awfully cute *pinches your cheek*
2min is win and I hope your exams go well.

Oh and I don't mind friend page flooding...
I follow omonatheydidnt so I'm used to it XD

awww thanks bb <3
Well I dun really look cute in real life but I do have baby fats on my cheeks for you to pinch ~~ hahaha
YUP YUP !!! *2min 2min 2min 2min 2min 2min 2min 2min*
I follow that too !!!
But I wont be flooding much until after the exams xP

woww we have so much in common <3
i like kuroshitsuji too!!
and teen top are wayyyy awesome... but i haven't heard much from other ppl about them soo *gives you high five
beast? :DDDD me has been following them since their debut and i like LOVE the dooseob pairing <3 <3 <3 it is just so adorbs :3

whooops forgot to login = =

woww we have so much in common <3
i like kuroshitsuji too!!
and teen top are wayyyy awesome... but i haven't heard much from other ppl about them soo *gives you high five
beast? :DDDD me has been following them since their debut and i like LOVE the dooseob pairing <3 <3 <3 it is just so adorbs :3
gahh i forgot to login! >.<
friend me?

Re: whooops forgot to login = =

YEAH !! I am so going to watch after my exams xP
It is really interesting and yeah I love yaoi !!! xP
I do hope they will attend more variety shows~
*hi-5* I love dooseob since their debut ~~~ they are so sweet + real <3 kekeke
I notice their moment for bad girl until now "soom" ~ YEAH !!!
more moment please <3 lol
Added :) and thanks for the add !!!! xD

you're a friend of vincent right? :D i'm his friend too. lolol and yesterday he just talked to me about you x'D
did he mention someone who likes to read fanfics to you? if he didn't i'll kill him later well that's me. umm. so i'm adding you..? ehehehe
AND OMFG NO YOU WRITE KYUMIN TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUP YUP I heard about you from him too xD
He told me you read and write fanfics !!!!!!
I was soooo excited that I told him to introduce you to me !!!
not sure if he got freaked out by my over-hyper-ness haha
I ask from him your twitter ~ and started stalking your livejournal
Hope you dun mind :)
YEAH ~ I noticed that you like kyumin alot from the fics you write XD
I wrote that story for one of my schoolmates who loves kyumin XD
Small world ~ I guess is fated that we will know each other HAHA
and wow you are younger than me ~~


Hi there, awesome site. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting

add meeh? :)))))


I just added you, I hope you don't mind !
I'm really interested in your fics :D

Hello :D thanks for the add !
Nice to meet you ~
Thanks for being interested in my fic :D hehe
May I know which fic you are interested in ? :P

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