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the end of love is always goodbye and tears...

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About me.
About Me.
All stories are posted at saccharine_days 
The only post that I lock are daily rants and personal life.
This is a simple introduction of knowing me more. 
(Last updated : 18/08/2012)

My hobbies are story writing, taking photos, making videos and editing pictures.
Most of the time I am OVERLY crazy over yaoi.
And yes, even if is two random guys having moment I will still scream like a fangirl.
I have to say, the craziness over yaoi is far beyond what you might expect.
But I still like guys despite the fact that I am crazy over Yaoi.
And the language I normally use are Chinese and English.
Well, I am better at Chinese actually :)

I started falling in love with Kpop since 2009.
And my twin sister pulled me into becoming a SHAWOLS.
My all time favourite is SHINee!
I do like other bands/singer/actor in kpop :)
Ever since then, I started writing and reading SHINee yaoi stories.
I used to be bias towards Onew but not any longer.
The reason is because my bias is now towards pairings !
Well, I am fine with every pairing but bias over 2min (Taemin/Minho) ♥ and Jongkey (Jonghyun/Key)
I read almost every pairings, but not shinee/OC or shinee/me.
Sorry to say, but I just have the mindset that it is impossible to know them real life or even be with them.
So no point reading that, BUT I read shinee/OC(boy).
I love HunHan (Sehun/Luhan) ~

I do watch anime like Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Kuroshitsuji.
My favourite pairings are 1827(Hibari X Tsuna) and 5927(Yamamoto X Gokudera) and Sebestian/Ciel.
The first yaoi fanfic I ever wrote is about Hibari and Tsuna :)
If you are interested in reading, feel free to approach me.

My twins and I have created a community name silent_creation
We do dump our own creations there, so do check it out.
I have a YouTube account name happiyoyo2 and happiyoyo3.
You can see the list of fanfics I write checking out my Master Fanfic List.
I joined asianfanfics but livejournal has my latest update :)
And also, a tumblr account name happy-yoyo.

Do think twice before adding me or even accepting me >.<
Due the fact that I may write random rants and of course post some Kpop related videos.
This might result in flooding of your friends' page.

Thanks for reading :)

The livejournal layout is done by Fruitstyle designs.

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yep and i have lots of homework and u>?

It must be very tiring for you >.<
my family wants me to focus more on school work.
Not working until end of this year :)
Do hope i can find a job !

eh its ok, u can do it as long as u focus. hope u do find a job, i want one 2. so wats up?

thanks ;D
Why don't you intro yourself a little? kekeke
In here or throught lj message ~ both way works for me !

either way works for me as well, so im christina

how about here ? kekeke
Hi christina ;D which country are you from?
which pairing you like ?

im from Texas, and i like at the moment 2min

random question what time is it now for you?
Mine is around 12:54 am midnight >.

about 11 hours time diff... wow
do you write stories?

sorry i responded late, i was somewhere, anyways i have written storys

is okay ;D I might respond late too ~ 2:25am
is it in ur lj? i cant seems to find it >

no its not on LJ its on fanfiction.net, so do u have anything sides an Lj?

oh oh i wrote one before @ fanfiction.net :)
Well that was two years back >.<
everything is listed there ~

nice, so do u have an email?

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