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the end of love is always goodbye and tears...

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About me.
About Me.
All stories are posted at saccharine_days 
The only post that I lock are daily rants and personal life.
This is a simple introduction of knowing me more. 
(Last updated : 18/08/2012)

My hobbies are story writing, taking photos, making videos and editing pictures.
Most of the time I am OVERLY crazy over yaoi.
And yes, even if is two random guys having moment I will still scream like a fangirl.
I have to say, the craziness over yaoi is far beyond what you might expect.
But I still like guys despite the fact that I am crazy over Yaoi.
And the language I normally use are Chinese and English.
Well, I am better at Chinese actually :)

I started falling in love with Kpop since 2009.
And my twin sister pulled me into becoming a SHAWOLS.
My all time favourite is SHINee!
I do like other bands/singer/actor in kpop :)
Ever since then, I started writing and reading SHINee yaoi stories.
I used to be bias towards Onew but not any longer.
The reason is because my bias is now towards pairings !
Well, I am fine with every pairing but bias over 2min (Taemin/Minho) ♥ and Jongkey (Jonghyun/Key)
I read almost every pairings, but not shinee/OC or shinee/me.
Sorry to say, but I just have the mindset that it is impossible to know them real life or even be with them.
So no point reading that, BUT I read shinee/OC(boy).
I love HunHan (Sehun/Luhan) ~

I do watch anime like Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Kuroshitsuji.
My favourite pairings are 1827(Hibari X Tsuna) and 5927(Yamamoto X Gokudera) and Sebestian/Ciel.
The first yaoi fanfic I ever wrote is about Hibari and Tsuna :)
If you are interested in reading, feel free to approach me.

My twins and I have created a community name silent_creation
We do dump our own creations there, so do check it out.
I have a YouTube account name happiyoyo2 and happiyoyo3.
You can see the list of fanfics I write checking out my Master Fanfic List.
I joined asianfanfics but livejournal has my latest update :)
And also, a tumblr account name happy-yoyo.

Do think twice before adding me or even accepting me >.<
Due the fact that I may write random rants and of course post some Kpop related videos.
This might result in flooding of your friends' page.

Thanks for reading :)

The livejournal layout is done by Fruitstyle designs.

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/sigh because of 'O''s I can't go to the kpop night concert ;w; I really wanted to go!!! SHINee, Girls Generation and Big Bang!! Its seriously wtferish man.

Asia countries... Are totally against such stuff. The closest thing we can go to is fanservice and fanfics XD
Mine too, but they don't support it D;


my mum didnt really say much abt that....she was asking why didnt i go O.O
SAme ! but the price doesnt really worth it >.<
I do hope the rumors about sm town live in singapore is true !!!!
That is really what i am hoping for <3 kekeke
IDK...i think is okay and it is not wrong to fall in love with someone right?
They just fall in love with the person of the same gender...>.<
YUP YUP :) thats why i always love fanfics and fancams with moments !!!
well i managed to pull a few to my side*evil grin* haha
全部都喜欢!!! 之前非常喜欢温流 ~ 现在全部都一样喜欢 <3
如果一定要做决定,我会比较喜欢pairing :)

september hoildays are really boring T.T

BAHHH. I had to pester my mother to lend me a hundred, then in the end I still didn't go!! BTW DID YOU READ THE NEWPAPER ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED?! POLICE AND AMBULANCE INVOLVED EH!! Dangerous~ Heng ah~ Didn't go XD
ZOMG if there's really gonna be I'm so going! but I heard its a false news >_>
You're right T_T Asians are so... traditional... they should try new things, y'know!
My friends try to steer clear whenever I'm into fangirl mode! Quite a few anti-SHINee/Shawols around me T_T


Not for me, I've got school almost everyday T_T (blame it on my chem and math!)

Well I think it was true...someone really fainted while lining up O.O
But the police and ambulance...I am not sure~
I don't want to see another drama in the my life ~
II do have a friend who doesnt like how crazy I am >.<
But still I continue to be in fangirl mode XD
I even said that we have different religion and we should stay racial religion harmony LOL !
WE often aruge in facebook xP no joke

别担心~一定会有机会得啦 !!
他们实在太可爱了啦 ♥
你有没有twitter or facebook?可以add你吗?

I think my school is giving us a break for the week.
But I am so dead when I go back to school T.T
My prelim result will be out >.<
die liao die liao >.

So crazy ;w; even though you like your idol, also cannot do such hurting stuff to you body! Tickets come next to your idols if you must insist!! sigh..
I have anti-shawols as friends and the only thing we can talk about is Beast and SuJu DX I hate that, though! SHINee is my first <3
Different religion, that's what I get stuck with XD During fasting month when I get my malay friends to follow me find some idols, they'll say 'cannot'. Because of fasting ;w;

最喜欢的就是泰民了! 温流是第二~
上次的? 我好像还没成为他们的粉丝... 那时候还为了Arashi(现在还非常的喜欢)和Hey! Say! JUMP疯呢. Yoyo知道他们是谁吗??
对啊!! 2min好无辜的感觉! 尤其是在你的故事里面("Hyung, where do babies come from?"和"Hyung, what is sex?"), 2min很可爱!虽然说我读的时候有点不好意思XD
当然可以啦! 我有facebook! Vangie Tsutano, search一下~

My prelims die alr. Idek how to describe my failness ._. Like, math only get 22? BAHHHH. My english O's oral has to be good~ pleasseeeee God ;w;

haha support you :) haha
wow I guess I am considered lucky ~ i have friends around me who like shinee!
I cant find idols anymore...have to focus on studies =.=
i am so dead ... i didnt get to study much this week T.T

对阿~很喜欢minho照顾taemin的感觉~ 很多爱!!!

Add you ler !!!! haha Not sure if is the correct one xP
I am still waiting for prelim result to be out >.<
Not sure how I have done for it...
YEAH SAME HERE. I always get just pass for english...epic failed.

GAH. i can't believe that school holiday's over just like that. I spent so much time studying D;

好好奇! iii

Ya~ i hope my brain will not malfunction on the day of O's. If i do, i'll seriously cry!

same here....arggh...pressure pressure... sian
thank god i pass my prelims somehow or rather xD haha
I spent very very little time studying...so dead...
对阿~ 珉豪对泰民很体贴的呢 :)
当然可以!但还需要一段时间 ~
But I can still write other types of one-shot !!!
SAme here. I hope the weather not goonna cook me up... XP

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