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Photo taken 23 March 2011 @ East Coast Park in Singapore.

School starting soon and I went to quite a few places during the long hoildays ~
This is one of the places I went to :D
I went cycling with three other friends at East Coast Park !
The beach was just beside the park so we went there after the whole cycling was done.
Actually I prefer the cycling part when we cycle to Bedok Jetty.
Quite a few people are there to fish and it was sunny + windy there ~
It was an awesome resting point <3 kekeke

Photo taken 23 March 2011 @ East Coast Park in Singapore.

My phone doesn't take good photos...
We cycled for 3hours and the side effect was leg cramp at night.
The worst thing was that I have to work FULL DAY the next day.      ----- awesome.
In the end it did not hurt that much.
Now I know which shop to rent bikes from would be the most cheapest :D
Rent for 1 hour and you will get 2 hour free !!! (1 hour = $6)
It only applies for weekdays ~

Well I really love outing trips during the hoildays =)
It shows me other part of Singapore I did not explore before.
But still I am lazy to explore most of the time =.=
Anyway I hope I will see more wonderful places like this ! haha

I think I shall have frequent update of my livejournal ~
If not is kinda dead =.=


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