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the end of love is always goodbye and tears...

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110622 [Takumi-kun Series BL Movie]

This is a show that I am watching recently.
It is known as Takumi-kun series.
Well there are four different episode to it and the fifth episode will be released in 20 August 2011.
The photo  is taken from the fifth episode.
My favourite is the third episode - Takumi-kun Series Bibou no Detail.
Okay I would say the rating is NC-16 so make sure you are of legal age ~
The guy on the left is only about 20 years old(1991) and the guy on the right is 29 years old(1982)
The making of Takumi series is funny because of the guy on the left behind underage and inexperience. LOL
But still they put in effort in acting it out so do watch if you feel bored.

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:O i should watch this one :D oh, and by the way, who tops? :DD

the guy on the right tops ^^
well the guy on the left(fans call him mao?) is actually shorter than him...
he was standing on higher ground when that photo is taken xP

Can i ask you where you watched this? I really want to watch this~

You can watch on youtube !

"The making of Takumi series is funny because of the guy on the left behind underage and inexperience"

I would almost die from laughing on your comment.. it is so ture and it makes him more cute.

I hope you don't mind me adding you.. you seem kind and honest. Beside, your tags is the same as my intrests^^

make sure to add me, so you can have a look at my didgital painting for DaiMao from Takumi..pleased to know you^^

see you later

omgosh fail-ed english
YEAH :D haha totally agree ~
Him being innocent makes the whole show more interesting xP haha
Of course I dont mind ~ just that i barely update anymore :(
do I really sound kind and honest ? so touched :D kekeke
WOW I will go take a look xD
I can't wait to watch takumi kun 5 ~~~
Good to know you ;D

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