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the end of love is always goodbye and tears...

Like a Man
Like a Man (Jongkey version) MV is done !!!!

Do spend sometime watching it ~~~ THANKS

16/02/2011 [ MISSTER - Stay ]
I kinda like this song :)

MISSTER - 'Stay'


我像高速坠落 形成无形伤口 你总是忘了避开那电话的交集
慢慢靠近却又扑朔迷离 原来我早已弄懂这故事的结局

到底发生了什麼事情 那似远似近距离 难道离题
发现原来已迷失的你 你无法承认的他 逐渐清晰

把我当做你的天使 就这样静静地守著你
别再轻声说 不想一个人过

If you want to stay
如果你还想谁 我会在这里陪著你 逆风飞行
如果你怕寂寞 如果你想到我 我不会轻易放开手
letting you go

独自一个人 走著假想的地图 你我渴望拥抱可以不需要理由
明明靠近却又无言无语 爱情是要持续进化才不会失去

到底发生了什麼事情 那似远似近距离 扑朔迷离
发现原来已迷失的你 你无法承认的他 逐渐清晰

把我当做你的天使 就让我静静地守著你
别再轻声说 不想一个人过

If you want to stay
如果你还想谁 我会在这里陪著你 逆风飞行
如果你怕寂寞 如果你想到我 我不会请易放开手
letting you go

只想牵你的手 陪你渡过 一直陪著你走 直到最后
爱情 ~ 尽头~

If you want to stay
如果你还想谁 我会在这里陪著你
If you want to stay
如果你还想谁 我会在这里陪著你 逆风飞行
如果你怕寂寞 如果你想到我 我不会请易放开手 letting you go

Hello :)

Finally recovered ~
But still coughing thou =.=
NO COLD DRINKS OR ICE for me until I fully recover >.<
Sad right? -sigh- I really want to drink coke.

Anyway ~ I am trying to finish up another FMV !!
The song use is "Like A Man" sang by Jonghyun & Onew ~
Not sure if anyone remember that they sang that song once on mnet before.
The FMV will be about Jongkey <3 haha
I have been searching for some Key's fancam to fit in the mv.
But I can't seems to find the one that fits x.x
So I spent quite a lot of time watching his videos.
I seriously like him during ringdingdong era ;D
Prefect and Flawless <3 Prettier than a lady ~
He might become my bias. LOL
Just maybe ~ I am still neutral !

Praying hard I will finish it by tomorrow or the next day ~



17/12/2010 [ Jino version of the song "Incomplete" ]
101214 Jino - Incomplete (Sukira Open Broadcast)

credits: heartquakeeee

Jonghyun sang this song before ~~~ xD haha
Hope they can sing this song together <3
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16/12/2010 [ Breakup Hug - Anthony Neely ]
[ENG SUB] Anthony Neely 倪安東 - 散場的擁抱 Breakup Hug

I love the MV ~ haha
Perfect plot to be written :)
Anyone interested? kekeke

I can't stop playing this song !!!!
ALL YOUR FAULT BOY !!! Well...not really :) haha
So glad that you are chatting with me again !!!
Just hope we can continue our relationship as best friend <3 kekeke

Hello :)

I have decided to cut my hair !
Well, but I haven't think of what kind of hairstyle x.x
Maybe something shorter than my current hairstyle?
Hm...just want to change my hairstyle a little.
Look different and give other a different feel ~ kekeke

15 more days to christmas :)

Fighting !

05/12/2010 [ Kuroshitsuji Fanmade MV ]
[Sebastian X Ciel] - Black Black Heart (slow version)

credits: kyuuka666

Sebastian <3 Ciel ~ haha

I am going to continue watching this during my free time x) kekeke

05/12/2010 [ Progress... ]

I have been working on a new video using the song "Miss You - S.M the Ballad"
Well, I had already promise my friend about doing a jongkey fanmade video...so it is going to be jongkey !
It has been about three days since I first started it.
At first, I wanted to make a MV using the song...but it ends up to be a compliation of jongkey moments.
I followed the jongkey timeline and get the related video whenever I could.
I didnt take photos since I want the video to be more special and not just compliation.
Most videos are taken down due copyrights and it became tougher than I first expected.
My current progress is only till hello baby ep. 07...
Do hope I can finish in a week...

Anyway, does anyone have fanfics to recommend?
I didnt get to read the type of fics I want x.x
some are yet to be updated super sad.
Well...to be honest I don't know what I am looking for.
I just hope I don't lose interest in reading...
Maybe I am looking for extreme end of happy and angst.
Not something in between...
Crack fic would be nice :) Smut fic is perfect.
Perhaps I should just find someone to request one x.x
i dunno...mixed feeling.

02/12/2010 [ Miss You - S.M the Ballad ]
SM The Ballad- Miss You IG Debut Stage 720p HD

Seriously love this song :)